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    Best ways to Clean your Titanium Dabbing Nail

    December 23, 2016

December 23, 2016

Best ways to Clean your Titanium Dabbing Nail

Best ways to clean your Titanium Dabbing Nail

If you dab regularly, your dabbing nail will get gunk after sometimes requiring a good cleaning. Because of the lack of proper cleaning, many have damaged their precious dabbing nails and lost good friends.

Anyway… a dirty dabbing nail is disgusting and slightly hobo-ish and your friends will for sure know you are a grimey mo-fo at this point, so…

In this article, we will look at best ways to clean your titanium dabbing nail for safer dabbing. There are ways to clean your titanium nail; we look at three methods below:

Method one: USING TORCH

I call this the firing cleaning method. It’s the simplest and cheaper approach because nothing else is required for the cleaning other than fire. The aim is to burn off residues and other messy materials that may be blocking the nails passage.

How does the torch method work?

  1. Get your dabbing nail as you would when dabbing.
  2. Get your torch to blue flame
  3. Heat the nail as you would when dabbing, but way hotter!

With this method, the excess residues will burn off to give you a cleaner nail. This cleaning process can be done when you dab so it does not constitute a big job that may cause a postponement. However, be careful with the hot metal not to get burned or damage the glassware of the rig.

Method two: Water Dipping

I call this the hot and cold cleaning method. This cleaning approach is best for removing the whitish coats forming on the top of the titanium dabbing nail. But this approach requires more care as you will need to remove the nail at a point after firing. Before you begin, get a bowl of water at room temperature ready. This is also how you season your titanium nail!

How does the hot and cold method work?

  1. Position your dabbing gear as you would for dabbing
  2. Heat up the titanium nail like you did for the torch method
  3. Remove the titanium nail with a forceps or tongs and place it in the ready water

This method should assure you of a cleaner nail as you will notice after it cooled, wipe it dry for your next dabbing.

Method three: The ISO

I call this double assurance cleaning method. This method is not for everyone because it involved more work and dedication than other methods discussed above. Also, it requires using of a common over the counter chemical and it is relatively cheap.

What do you need to get ready for this approach? You will need a chemical called isopropyl alcohol. You can get this solvent in drug stores. You will also need some quantity of salt just in case you encounter stubborn stains. Note, for even harder stain, you may need acetone instead of isopropyl alcohol. Note: They sell different varieties of rubbing alcohol so try and look for the 91% or the highest percentage you can find.

How does the hot and cold method work?

  1. Get a small container, pour the chemical and add a little salt
  2. Remove the titanium nail and dip it in the solution for 10 minutes
  3. Applying some force, shake the container to remove the residue

Alternatively, put a scrubbing towel in the alcohol and use it on the nail to clean it carefully. When scrubbing, you need to apply force to help the stains come off better. For effective cleaning, 91% isopropyl is recommended.

After cleaning your titanium nail with ISO, you need to season the nail before dabbing. Ensure you season it properly before use.

So, guys, that’s it! Please share if you enjoyed and this helped you!


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